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MY FRENCH SHUI CAFÉ BLOG ARCHIVES: 09/06/2009 Imagine your face without a mouth, a smile... Support Operation Smile and Twestival SF!

Imagine your face without a mouth, a smile... Support Operation Smile and Twestival SF!


I am not going for a long blog today, just a few links I ask you to follow. Trust me. I know you do. Because if you subscribed to this blog/vlog, it is because you care too. (And if you are just visiting, it is fine too, you can still subscribe! 

After blogging about how community AND charity should begin at our doorstep, I am going global!
First because we are one so immense and one so small world, that our windows open on more than our city neighborhood.
Second and especially because when unfairness touches children, we need to be even more aware and efficient.

Today I recorded my video in the Potrero Hill Community Garden in San Francisco ( as a symbol for growth and unity.A seed we plant here pollinates the world...

Now I just want you to go to the and watch the video where they explain the life before/after surgery of this cute dancing child called Rikta. Maybe you can give up a latte and contribute to a mouth... By the way, if you don't believe in reincarnation, children are our legacy and our future. And if you do believe in reincarnation, children are us, you and me... Oui!  Therefore, in both case, we just cannot let them down!

Then I want to meet you at on Friday 09/11/09 night! We will have a great time, I cannot wait to see some of my favorite Tweemis (Tweeter + amis/friends in French) like @LauralovesArt or @Fogfish there... There is also a silent auction and .... I donated a 2 hour Color + Feng Shui consultation, so you better bet on that one! It will give a surgery to a child with a cleft palate, and if you win, your environment and your life will improve tremendously!  Not even talking about your karma!

Imagine your face without a mouth, a smile...
Give a smile to a kid, give him/her a chance to live. Being able to be him/herself, finally.
Not hidding. Not hidden. Not rejected.
This is definitely good Feng Shui!

Joy & Respect,
Au revoir...


Who to follow on Twitter for this cause in San Francisco :
And if you are not in San Francisco, why don't you organize a Twestival in your city?

Here are all the videos that @IrinaSlutsky recorded for Justin TV at the event:

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·      9/7/2009 10:14 PM Stana Warren wrote:
Another amazingly inspiring vlog Catherine!
You are such a gentle and loving soul. I'm so glad we are Tweemis.

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