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MY FRENCH SHUI CAFÉ BLOG ARCHIVES: 08/06/2009 Unleash the Power Within - The Tony Robbins Seminar

Unleash the Power Within - The Tony Robbins Seminar


As you may know, I just spent 4 days with my friend Veronica (@JourneyMagic) in
San Jose attending the Unleash the Power Within seminar lead by Tony Robbins and facilitated by the facetious Joseph McClendon.

How to describe that moment? AND why does my blog suddenly writes itself in blue? No kidding... ???


"Live strong and live in passion!"  is one of the mantras that Tony Robbins uses for 30 years to get people thrive in their life, while eliminating all the "programing BS" that poisons them since they are kids and kill them slowly. Do  any of these conditionings ring a bell?
  • "I am too young to"
  • "I am too old to"
  • "I am too poor to"
  • "I am not enough to"
  • "I don't have time to"
  •  "I'm not able to"
  • "I am fat because I have big bones"
I discovered Tony Robbins in the 90's while  I was also reading Eric Berne's What Do You Say After You Say Hello and Richard Bandler's books on NLP.  I was at that time transitioning between my job as the Director of a Graphic Design school towards a coaching practice. I had seen for years students (and teachers!) fighting against the weight of engraved patterns.  How many times had I said "You are not like that, you are not what they say, you do not have to fit the image you've been stamped with!"...

Transactional Analysis , NLP, hypnotherapy... All these techniques have encountered a lot of critics, as they were shaking hard the psychiatric intelligentsia.  Now people can testify they work. Most successful politics, athletes, businessmen/women use them to get exceptional results.

We can change your fate by releasing the fear, changing our limiting beliefs, our physiology, our approach, and by taking "massive action" towards the goals, not the obstacles!
Thanks to these authors, I  changed dramatically my vision on my own life mechanisms and also my way of helping people grow in emergency situations, without years of therapy. I became more efficient for others, and one step free-er!

Here are a few highlights of the Unleash the Power Within.  I could not obviously film during the personal development/ sharing parts of the seminar. I was crying and laughing like everybody else! I added a few videos for you to explain how I went to the Seminar and get my perspective on it.
Just imagine  3000 +1 people from all over the demographic maps gathering to change their life, and living for 4 days an incredible experience I was not even expecting at all. A magical sense of community.

Be good and certainly not behave!
Smiles, blessings and action!


Accepting miracles, and being thankful. How I got to go to the UPW Tony Robbbins' seminar!
Accepter les miracles et remercier. Comment j'ai pu aller au seminaire de Tony Robbins UPW.

My impressions of the UPW Tony Robbins' seminar in San Jose, CA, July 2009. (1)

Mes impression sur le seminaire UPW de Tony Robbins a San Jose, Californie, Juillet 2009. (1)
My impressions on the UPW Tony Robbins'seminar, July 2009, San Jose, CA. (2)

Mes impressions sur le seminaire de Tony Robbins UPW, San Jose, Californie, Juillet 2009. (2)

Are you ready for this? Pumping up the group energy before the introspection. 

Est-ce que vous etes prets? L'energie de groupe monte avant d'attaquer l'introspection.

"It is not about firewalking, it is about dissociating from the fear" 

"Le probleme n'est pas de marcher sur les charbons ardents, mais de se dissocier de la peur" - Tony Robbins

After 4 hours of intense core process and restructuration without break, celebrating! 

Apres 4 heures de travail "au coeur", et sans pause, la celebration!

An incredible energy, the end of the 3 day process, 3000 people jumping and laughing and dancing, free. And a drenched Tony Robbins who thanks everybody. 

Une energie incroyable, conclusion d'un parcours de 3 jours, 3000 personnes qui sautent et dansent et rient, libres. Et Tony Robbins, trempe, qui remercie.


Your Comments:
  • 8/9/2009 10:02 AM journeymagic wrote:
    Catherine Cherie, congratulations on a great VLOG about our UPW San Jose experience....
    You've been very productive and I'm proud of you!
    Miss you and hope to see you soon!
    Bisou xo
  • 8/9/2009 11:24 AM BawldGuy wrote:
    I've followed both Tony Robbins and NLP since the late 80's.
    Robbins uses both NLP and Biblical principles for nearly everything he teaches, which is why he's lasted so long. Solid substance always wins out over time.

    Like Dad said, 'Nothing succeeds like success.'
  • 8/9/2009 11:34 AM Laura Iriarte wrote:
    Catherine, looks like you had an amazing incredible time!
    Very fun and inspiring! 

  • 8/20/2009 7:44 PM Amy Jewell wrote:

    What a treat this way, watching your videos! Now I can see you AND hear you! It was great meeting you. Looking forward to the first of many projects that we may end up doing together in the future!

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