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MY FRENCH SHUI CAFÉ BLOG ARCHIVES: 11/25/2009 The #Gratitude Project 2009: Building Community by Giving Thanks

The #Gratitude Project 2009: Building Community by Giving Thanks

      The most beautiful non religious American holiday, Thanksgiving, often turns into a food orgy and family drama. Let's claim the true Thanks Giving back and prove it is every day, everywhere. Check my new vlog on how to embrace the Gratitude:
     Give thanks to you first, the Universe will follow! 

To create more community, I decided to organize a special Project.  I asked my friends on Twitter & Facebook to email me 1 sentence in 129 characters maximum that could begin by: I give thanks for... and to send a picture.

Then, I mixed the sentences and the pictures, and I read the text, with my French accent, so that now we are really One, sharing the same gratitude. And spreading love and joy in respect...

I am very grateful for all of you who participated and I hope you will enjoy the final concept and share the result!
Please comment! (I could not post the video  on my Blog; too long!!! LUVIT!)

I also recommend you to go visit Tambra and her Gratitude event:
where she gathered experiences and thoughts on the same subject. Radio Talk at 1pm Pacific time on Wed. 11/25. I may participate if I wake up, as it is already 5.27am and now I fulfilled my promise of posting today before dawn... I may go to sleep...

I wish you a glorious Thanks Giving, every day.

Be Good and Don't behave,


·         11/25/2009 8:13 AM Raeven Western wrote:
So beautiful and well said! Thank you for sharing and revealing yourself with us! We are one.

Love, HUGs, many blessings and dreams come true to U!

Happy Holidays
1.   11/25/2009 8:39 AM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Merci Raeven for participating in this project. Your light shines from NYC to SF! Since I met you on Twitter, i fianlly eat oatmale for breakfast!

Blessings to you, beautiful!
·         11/25/2009 9:16 AM Judd wrote:
Well said cherie!

This Thanksgiving will be spent with what I, ME loves...steak & Las Vegas. Bonne journee!

Je t'embrasse,
1.   11/25/2009 10:25 AM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Enjoy Judd, and spread thanks while enjoying your time off!
·         11/25/2009 9:46 AM calvarezHIS wrote:
I'm grateful for you, your time spent on this wonderful project... and your awesome accent!

merci x infinity!
1.   11/25/2009 10:23 AM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Merci to you, Carol, for participating. I was going to do a collage and then it came to me I had to upgrade!

Many blessings...
·         11/25/2009 10:57 AM LifePathLiving wrote:
Very beautiful, Catherine. Thank you for creating the Gratitude Project and sharing it with the world. Inspiring!
Wishing you love & joy this Holiday season.
1.   11/25/2009 11:30 AM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
A real pleasure Kristen! Unfortunately one of my email file vanished last night when i was putting the video together and I could not recover all the answers...  I do apologize to my tweemis who don't see their words there... I hope they will just post on the comments!
Joy & Respect,
·         11/25/2009 12:00 PM Tanveer Naseer wrote:
Hi Catherine,

What a wonderful idea your Gratitude Project is, if not to have so many others hear the things people are grateful for. It's a wonderful exercise to get others to see how much we have to be thankful for right now, not last year, not tomorrow, but today.

I've been participating in another effort called TweetsGiving ( where the goal is to fill the internet for 48 hours with words of gratitude. I'd like to share a piece I wrote for this event that I think fits in very well with your Gratitude Project. It's a personal story about someone I met years ago who taught me some valuable lessons about life.

It's called "The Story of Steve - A Personal Tale of Gratitude". I hope you and your writers will enjoy it -
1.   11/25/2009 1:40 PM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Merci beaucoup for this beautiful story. It totally reminds me of my encounter with a homeless gentleman in Paris, who had dropped out of his life when his wife divorced. I was bringing him books and we were talking literature together in the Metro Laumiere. Then one day, he was not there anymore. I really hope he found a way to emerge. He was brilliant.
Thank you for raising more awareness. Giving thanks means being aware.
·         11/25/2009 12:10 PM Trudy wrote:
This is for my 'Net friend, Cat, from our earlier convo:

Lovely Cat. We don't really agree because of a fundamental belief I have. It's not the universe or myself I am thankful to. It is to God that I give every thanks & in Whom I have every hope. I watched the video & I love that you remind people not to lose the holiday to the worldly commercialism. (I have seen people nearly trampling each other in the grocery stores to get the food to make their holiday meal!) And I love that you remind people to be thankful every day! True. So, still, we are very different at our core, but I adore you, dearest. (And I just LOVE your accent

You are a wonderful woman and I admire so much your enthusiasm for life and humanity.
1.   11/25/2009 1:44 PM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Trudy cherie,
Since I met you on Twitter, our paths were always crossing on Respect and Humor! My two keys to life....
Thank you so much for posting, I really appreciate.
I think we definitely agreed on the sacred part of Thanks Giving.
Only for me, God is all of us, in all of us, and It as different names. This is what I talk about when I say honor the core, the pure in you.

Blessings to you, and a true smile.
I wish you a beautiful Thanks Giving...
·         11/25/2009 4:02 PM journeymagic wrote:
Cat this is a great thing you've done. I for one feel you have truly captured the essence of Thanksgiving by allowing us to participate in your wonderful project! Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving with much love always! bisouxxx
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·         11/25/2009 8:53 PM cindy adrienne quashie wrote:
Merci Mon Aimee...
1.   11/25/2009 9:17 PM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
C'est un honneur pour moi, I am truly grateful for all my tweemis who participated in this project. Merci!!!
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·         11/25/2009 9:29 PM Rebecca wrote:
I'm thankful for people like this throughout the world.
·         11/26/2009 12:00 AM Mick wrote:
C'était vraiment une bonne idée, a GREAT idea. Mais J'ai aussi adore cet accent francais que tu as gardé. I'm happy to be one of your friends on twitter.
1.   11/26/2009 12:06 AM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Tu n'as pas idee combien je pensais a toi pour ce projet, mais je ne voulais forcer personne. So glad you jumped in at the least minute!!!
·         11/26/2009 12:08 PM Gerald Joyce wrote:
Thank you for the wonderful message. I counted you in my list of things that I am grateful for today, being connected with you again. I watched your gratitude project last of the most beautiful things that I've experienced lately. Have a wonderful, wonderful day.
Love always,
·         11/26/2009 12:10 PM SoyezFous wrote:
Ta vidéo est parfaite... j'adore ta façon, non religieuse et ouverte d'esprit comme de coeur de voir les choses.. bravo !

I just would like to add my thanks for spreading such a positive way of life... we all need this !

·         11/26/2009 1:30 PM Keane Li wrote:
Very thankful to have met you this year, Ms. Grison!

C'est tres bien! Merci!
·         11/27/2009 1:10 PM Laura Iriarte wrote:
Catherine, very sweet and heartfelt...yes...thanksgiving is/should be more about giving thanks for what we have and who is in our thankful for YOU!

1.   11/27/2009 1:23 PM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
I woke up this morning thinking: the world is full of beautiful people and I am lucky to meet them all, one by one. Sounds cheesy, but it is true.

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