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MY FRENCH SHUI CAFÉ BLOG ARCHIVES: 10/01/2009 Selling or buying a place? It is not only about location!

Selling or buying a place? It is not only about location!

In the San Francisco/Bay Area where I live, real estate has always been Ze indicator of the economy.  Houses made in wood and sheet rock sell for Millions of dollars, what is always very surprising to the Parisian Moi, so used to hardcore stone and concrete! Of course there are more earthquakes here than in France, and the structures reflect this need for flexibility!

Anyway, whether it is a buyer or a seller's market, everywhere in the world, you can always see incredible places, perfectly located and manicured, who do not sell. You can also see newly moved in buyers feeling like strangers in their own castle.
Why? How is it possible? What to do? Feng Shui and psychology help to understand and address these crucial issues. For years I have been collaborating on a regular basis with top realtors and stagers who have understood that adjusting the energies of a place is as important as decorating it and publishing the flyers!
Who wants to buy and live in a place that still belongs emotionally to somebody else? Who wants to get a ghost as a bonus? Every ancient culture used to perform space clearings. Sage burning, incense, holly water, bells… you name the tools! This is not because we live differently now and ignore our so-called “irrational” thoughts that the Universal structure changed around us!  Rejection is not the solution.
How many old practices have been re-discovered in the last 50 years? How many pharmaceutical companies are now looking for the last medicine men to get information on plants and healing techniques after despising them as “superstitious nonsense”?  Interesting, isn’t it?
Now think quick! Remember once you walked in a place and felt immediately awkward, cold, and uncomfortable?  Was it the décor, the people? No. It was the energy, something you could not see but you can still feel and describe months or years after it happened. Now the conversation is open and I would love to read your own stories in the comments!
It is it time to reconcile our knowledge and our skills and use them to live better, in harmony! Clear your space, breathe and grow…
In Joy & Respect,
Be good and don’t behave, however please suscribe!

Special Merci to @AliceTChan and @EvangelistaLA on Twitter for asking me these questions! 

Buying a new home? Clear the space to make it yours!

Spirits in a house? Not a myth.

Aggressive ghostbuster technique? Not the best idea to create harmony!

Selling a house: Let go! Now!

My recent radio interview with Alice T Chan on Feng Shui and Staging:

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·      10/5/2009 3:01 PM Deborah Aldridge wrote:
I am working on clearing my space.
I'm getting rid of probably 90% of what I own, keeping only what I can't part with and what I must have to function. I'm reducing a 1400sf house to what will fit into a 10 foot truck, and planning to move to a tiny apartment or single large room somewhere.
For the end years of my life, I want around me only what makes me whole, no more.

·      10/5/2009 3:42 PM Jodi Raven Hawk wrote:
Energy is a powerful thing. Most do not believe that all carries energy. You mentioned medicine men, that part is quite close to my heart as my adopted father is one. Do I use that medicine before others, you bet. When there is a healing, it is the clearing out of the "bad" energies of the body. The body holds on to the memory of many things that causes blockages. Releasing them is good. Some take it back. What is known is comfortable, yet it is the old energy. That would also conform to what you are saying about feeling the energy in a house. One must be open to be able to feel the energy. More are starting to wake up to that, feeling the unknown.
To me, all contains energy. The stones, the trees, the creatures, the wood of the house. That is why when I pick up a stone, I can feel the energy it radiates. Some stones are healers, however, if many have touched that stone, then their energy is attached. That is why it is important to clear that energy out.
Same goes for a house. When I was with someone, a new home was purchased. First thing I did BEFORE we moved in was to sage the place, sing my "prayers" and change the vibration of the house for many were there building it.
The place I live in now, one tells me, OH THE ENERGY feels so good in here. Even the outside.
Energy is everywhere. We can emit positive or negative energy to others. People subconsciously pick this up. Most can relate to that. Take it to the abstract and most get lost.
I am trying to reconcile something that happened to me prior to surgery. It is crazy as for ONCE I really stood up for myself and BANG, I was disowned. I know I hurt some people. It was NOT intentional. Intent has a lot to do with energy. Yet, this energy will not leave me. I have to figure a way out of it. I feel like I am dead to these people now which helps make my life too isolated. You say get out, see people. Well, my job was taken away from me because of this. Not for performance. That sucked. I can feel the CHANGE in energy that people have toward me.
An example, silly really, I have an advance directive. I told the doctor only let that person know ALL the details of my surgery as they are a PA and would be able to explain to me what happened. The "clan" freaked as they felt this person was far away and THEY should know what happened. S0 NOW I am a leaper and I can feel the energy change. It affects me. I have to get to a point where I can let it go. It is a lonely task and it sometimes puts me down the rabbit hole. All due to a shift in ENERGY. I question, DID I CHANGE who I WAS INSIDE or was my action not appreciated. I am still who I AM. That was all forgotten! So now I hold on to sad energy. Not on purpose, just trying to find a way to change it. To say I AM STILL ME. I AM STILL THE GIVING, LOVING, PERSON I WAS. Maybe to 1 person I can understand why their energy changed so radically, yet the "sheep" followed.
Energy IS POWERFUL. I WANT to be back in harmony. Nature provides that for me
·      10/19/2009 4:11 PM kris wrote:
Dear Catherine,

We live in San Jose, in a very gorgeous, little house. The layout of the house is great for the two of us (my husband and myself) – high ceilings and lots of light, which was the reason for us to rent this house +cozy garden!
What you see in the pictures is the front of the house! (this is our neighbor’s entrance!)

The walkway to the entrance of the house, seemed to cut into the lawn like a knife – especially with the accurately cut edges.
the community makes sure that the leaves, you see on this photograph, get blown away ,weekly,by the leaf blowers, which I personally think is the worst invention ever – useless and as if had not enough noise and polluted air already in the cities.

… I did not feel any beauty, love or life in this kind of “landscape design”. Besides that I was always interested in FENG SHUI, and knew about the negative effects of this kind of entrance way.

So, one day I planted these tiny white flowers, which smell like honey, trying to give the edge a little curvy, more organic shape by planting them in irregular distance to each other. Jan, my husband, a biologist
, loved the more natural looking than the “MILITARY LOOK”, how we use to call it. lol

Our happiness and joy over the changed LOOK, in the front, didn’t last very long.
Some months later the housing community sent us a letter, in which they asked us to remove all the plants, which I had planted (also the yellow flowers, which I had planted inside the rotting rests of an old stump of a tree [ which looked like a hole in a giant mouth, where one molar is missing!] which used to stand there, before one of the lawn mowers had drove over – do not ask me how this is possible, but this is the story!
, which you see in one of the photographs.
[ I will have this article on my blog as well ... including the photographs!]

The reason: to restore the original landscape design which they think is more beautiful!
I am not joking here!

Many times, when people were passing “our house”, they were obviously enjoying the beautiful flowers, and I also got many compliments about it, when I was just watering the flowers! That shows us that many people have the ability to FEEL or SEE THE DIFFERENCE!

I tried to ignore this side of the house since those days, and we very rarely use this “main” entrance, but still it is not easy, when you are an artist, a person who is very sensitive and wants to improve spaces - make them more a space of inspiration for all of us - through beauty which surrounds us daily.

Our environment influences us more than most people believe!


·      10/19/2009 4:15 PM kris wrote:
Here is another short story concerning energy of houses.

I am also able to feel if something strange went on in a house. Once, a friend from university invited me on a trip in the countryside, staying in his grandparent’s house overnight. It was my birthday – in May, when it is really pretty in Germany.

When we arrived there and he showed me around in the renovated old half-timbered house, it looked pretty, nice colors and furniture, etc., but later, when we went to bed and it became more silent, it seemed to change its “face” …. it’s difficult to describe, but it felt tight and sad, and I hardly found sleep that night. The next morning I told my friend that I wanted to leave the house as soon as possible.
First it was not easy for him to understand, and he had totally forgotten what had happened in the house - that the grandfather had hanged himself in the attic.
Not a nice story - but life!
You are totally right, that one can feel if previous house owner have let the house "go".
And, I think, language is more important than many people think.
Please,, people, talk more in a positive way, and you will attract the positive in the world, and be careful with what you say and how you say it!
Carpe Diem
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