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MY FRENCH SHUI CAFÉ BLOG ARCHIVES: 11/06/2009 Stop the Fear Culture: we are ONE!

Stop the Fear Culture: we are ONE!


Believe it or not, my post today came out of anger! Anger to see how anger could translate into fear and judgment  in the news, spreading more racism around the world, instead of building a stronger community able to take care of all its members.

I was on Twitter when the first then the second mass shootings happened in the US this week. And I was shocked to see the way the news were "informing" about these tragic events. I actually thought of adding an hyperlink with the news but I do not want this energy touching my blog.

I was so shocked that I began tweeting:
"JOURNALISTS: STOP talking about ethnic background when you broadcast on shootings. STOP RACIST FEAR CULTURE NOW!"

Then my tweemie @BrokePimpStyles , the beautiful Indy Adrienne Quashie (, wrote and wrote more heartfelt tweets on this subject.

Then I decided to record this video (that I had to cut in 2 parts to fit in the blog format).

It is for everybody in the world. And beyond! We are always somebody's alien. Let's build in joy together instead of destroying out of fear.

Be good and never behave,

Stop the Fear Culture: Let's be color/religion blind when we look at the others. (1)

Stop the Fear Culture: Educate the Children and Share Love.(2)

Your Comments:

  • 11/6/2009 4:34 PM Catherine Grison wrote:
    By the way, I am sorry for butchering even more than usual the English language I like so much. But I am very emotional about that subject and, as usual, it is a total improvisation in one take. My apologies.
  • 11/6/2009 4:53 PM Deborah greenlasagna wrote:
    I am so glad you did this.
    People need to see that the world is watching, and that we are making a bad name for ourselves here.
    I honestly admit that racism is the one thing I cannot control my reaction to. I hate it, and I will not apologize for that.
  • 11/6/2009 6:15 PM Raeven Western wrote:
    "There is light in us of all, lets make it happen for everyone. Honor everyone, the beauty of life, just give!"

    My heart and condolences goes out to people who have gone through this and have been affected by this.

    Catherine, you are a beautiful woman, with a beautiful soul, with words so true. It's sad, because many people are conditioned to be stuck in a box. We need to give, share and have more love. It's not the exact solution, but it's a healthy start.
    Thank you for being the phenomenal French beauty that you are. Your love and light is felt.

    Always a Dreamer
    Raeven Western
1.       11/6/2009 6:21 PM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Merci Beautiful,
You got exactly my point. We are not going to change everybody everywhere. But if it begins young and grows in the new generations, why not trying to seed respect instead of hate, confidence instead of fear...
Bisouxxx to you and NYC!


  • 11/6/2009 7:04 PM cindy adrienne quashie wrote:
    I am often caught, lost contemplating why must life be wrought, with human inhumane-ness against humans. 

    I am not afraid to speak, but mostly I just keep, my tears inside.

    And then once in a while, always right on time, another appears.

    So while it may scare me still, I move forward with rejuvenated will, for Me and Catherine are ONE!
1.       11/6/2009 7:15 PM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Did you intend to make me cry. Because you did.
Merci my Beauty...
  • 11/7/2009 7:07 AM Philippe wrote:
    Knowing what has been an almost daily occurrence since 911, I could anticipate, when news of the shooting came, what was going to happen.

    Shootings have happened, in schools, offices and elsewhere, involving all kinds of people, but if the killer happened to be arab (or even have an arab sounding name) I knew the whole arab community would have a disaster on its hands, including with school children being bullied, like North Korean children have been in the street in Japan.

    The medias as you point out are mostly to blame for this situation. Unfortunately, mainstream medias are embracing the kind of reporting used by Glenn Beck and others like him, "innocently" mentioning that a crime involves an immigrant or a foreigner and then saying that it does not mean that "all" immigrants are bad!

    The same toxic, racially charged comments, that nazis and others in search of scape-goats for all society problems have used ad nauseam for so long.

    You are right to be angry, to feel sick. If we don't, as human beings, it means we are tacitly accepting what they say and how they say it. Mass medias in that sense can be more dangerous than hate radio hosts because it is rare the public is for a against them and they prepare slowly the minds to a world where the "enemy" (and I am still waiting to know who exactly he is, apart from Bin Laden, and a bunch of terrorists) has a particular color, certain facial features, etc.
1.       11/7/2009 8:47 AM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:

Merci beaucoup for your comment.

I saw racism everywhere, against everybody. People of the same color in the spectrum are still racist against each other. It is deeply rooted in human nature. I heard people yelling at me because of my color. Or lack of, should I say, I am pretty bleached! saw people from any religion despised for their beliefs, harassed, killed. Nobody is exempt. Nobody is innocent.

But I believe that it mainly comes from the early education you receive when you are a baby/little child. I discovered racism when I walked into school. I thought it was so unacceptable, I wanted to walk out. I was the only one to play with the Gypsy kids who were stopping on their way to
Les Saintes Maries De la Mer. Later I changed schools and I did not feel this racism anymore. My best friend was a beautiful bright girl whose father was Black African and her mother White Belgian! We are still in touch!

What I am saying is that when you have children, you have the responsibility to educate them. If the mind and the heart are strong from the beginning, if they do not doubt about core values when they arrive in a social context like school, there will be less room for others to plant the seeds of hate.
And turn off the TV! Or at least, "decode" the news, the advertisement, the shows with your kids. Give them the tools to understand how easy it is to manipulate somebody, especially with an hypnotic media like TV. Watch foreign channels too to get a broader view.

Step by step...

Au revoir....

1.       11/7/2009 3:42 PM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Merci Laura!

... WE are ALL the "right" people, and the wrong ones too!

11/9/2009 9:51 PM Heather wrote:
Thank you Catherine for your passion and humanity and for sharing it here with us.

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