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MY FRENCH SHUI CAFÉ BLOG ARCHIVES: 12/05/2009 Does everybody die? Pépé's Story, a parable for the soul for humans like you and me.

Does everybody die? Pépé's Story, a parable for the soul for humans like you and me.


A few of you already saw the trailer of Pépé’s Story I posted onYoutube at the end of November 2009...

Pépé's Story: YouTube trailer nov 2009

Then life happened... Again!

We all know "those days" where all hell break loose. Even moi, your uplifting French Accent! That day was last Thursday... After so much effort from so many people to help me put my home-made DVd for sale on line on my blog, I just understood that it was not technically going to work. And because of a lot of other "stuff" are happening in my life now, I felt miserable, devastated, wishing upon a meteorite to just hit me and paf! Journey over! 

I was so sad  for my friend Mike Carriere who worked so hard on editing the beta project, for Pépé, my grandfather who inspired me and pushed me to publish this video, even if he passed "away" a while back, for me... All the incredible artists who contributed like the fantastic Karma Moffett whose music carries the voice over.  I was hearing all my friends who watched the Beta version and wanted me to get it out... Alfredo, Maria, Elisabeth, even Ori in Atlanta who I never met "in real life" and who advised me through Twitter on Thanksgiving day...

Then I meditated more and Laura Iriarte called, and Elisabeth, and Matthieu, then Ron brought me chicken soup and served me a taste of my own medicine, in the "never give up" category!  I remembered what Perrie Burton, my Feng Shui colleague and Australian sister, had told me a while back: "Dec 5th will be your lucky day!"... 

So today, December 5th, I re-attacked the problem, helped by another great being and awesome photographer, Jon Rendell. I spent hours torturing every single options of my blog host.  And voilà!!! It is up and running on my brand new e-boutique!

{Note from Cat, 08/05/2013: While I had initially sold the video in order to share some love with the Make A Wish Foundation, I realized it was not going to spread the way I wanted to really help as many people as possible. Therefore I posted the video on Youtube later on, free now to fly on its own. The post below has been updated according to this change.}

This video, is ready for you, ready for anybody you know who is sad because a loved one is journeying through a path we cannot apprehend from this side only. Because death is a passage, a part of life, but it is also, from our human perspective, a rupture in the flow as we know it. And we need to find other approaches to embrace it and alos to help our people going through.

You have no idea what it represents for me to finally give this short story to the world. Closure. The end of a cycle, the beginning of a new venture!  I just wish it will give you the same comforting and soothing healing it gave already to many around me, no matter what they believe in or not.

Pépé’s Story: thoughts & gratitude

I made it! WE made it! MERCI. 

Now please SHARE Pépé's Story on YOUTUBE.  For you it is just about clicking a like, pushing the share button, but for the person who will receive the video, it can be a totally different perspective on death, mourning, guardian angels and reincarnation: maybe a chance to heal an open wound. Not a bad deal in a holiday time when we miss so much the ones who left... 

Pépé’s Story: thoughts on dying of sickness, not losing a fight and seeing beyond our eyesight.

Now I still need to buy a bottle of champagne for Mike and Jon, who worked for free, like everybody else... 

And if somebody knows Oprah, Deepak Choprah or Louise Hay, please let them know about Pépé's Story . Or let me know. I would love to spread the love further.

We are One. Human. Immortal. Fragile and magical.

Let's be good and never behave. And watch for the crows around us, they bring news from beyond...

and merci again. You have no idea...


Pépé's Story by Catherine Grison
 Music by Karma Moffett - 2009 remastering by Mike Global-sf

A few real people to know and appreciate:

Mike Carriere: @globalSF

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·         12/6/2009 8:17 AM Elisabeth wrote:
As the first customer of this fabulous down-loadable story, i highly recommend you all go and buy the first edition NOW.
It makes a lovely gift, too - if you are into gifting things this time of the year ...
Reply to this
1.   12/6/2009 10:17 AM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Thnak you Elisabeth, for supporting this project since day one, years ago. I am glad this story helped you on your path and I am grateful to have you as a friend. Merci!
·         12/7/2009 3:55 PM kris wrote:
hi cat, i totally agree,
life is not the end of the existence of our souls. we just get a new body to live in.

love n hugs

one finds always what one wants to find,
one sees always what one wants to see,
one understands always what one think one understands,
one believes always in what we want to believe in.

life is there for us to learn to think beyond our imagination,
beyond the physical manifestation of our body,
beyond our own existence.

kris - ca 2009

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