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MY FRENCH SHUI CAFÉ BLOG ARCHIVES: 07/02/2009 When the Universe speaks, listen!

When the Universe speaks, listen!

I am just back from the special Back and Neck Care Yoga class designed by the fabulous Anne Saliou,  who helps every week people moving her body again...  A beautiful heart, and a French accent too!

I am also very grateful to the incredibly generous Ann Hood, chiropractor and physical therapist:

If you are in San Francisco, check them out! I owe them a lot of mobility, and way less pain!

Now you are really wondering if I am having a #FollowFriday Twitter moment!
Not at all. Here is my story, for you.

Be good, and don't behave, but by all means, listen to the signs!


BTW, talking about Twitter, if you could post your comments on this vlog instead of sending me Direct Messages there, it would help me a lot, as I sometimes miss the DMs. Merci!

And make sure to scroll all the way down for a special Happy Birthday...

Listen to the Universe, take care of yourself.

Celebrate Catherine Bergeret's birthday, talented artist and one of my very closest friends! Une femme exceptionnelle.

Your Comments: 

7/3/2009 2:55 AM Richard Allan Marti Jr wrote:
Catherine, you are so right. If we are quiet and listen, we can listen and learn to live in harmony with ourselves and the universe. Namaste

7/3/2009 7:17 AM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Bonjour Richard!

The trick is we don't even have to be quiet. 
Simply not in denial! ... "simply"???? Ah la la, those humans!  

Happy fireworks!


7/3/2009 6:07 AM Deborah Lee wrote:
Everything you talk about resonated with me Catherine! I believe we spend so much time and energy pushing against the direction the universe wants us to go.
I too have carried on drawing cards in the hope that they will get better .... they didn't!

7/3/2009 7:00 AM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Bonjour, Deborah in the UK!

Indeed, what I noticed with cards and pendulum is that, when you ask more than 3 times the same question, they simply refuse to play your game! My pendulum freezes literally, nothing could make it move. Regarding the cards, usually the deck stays very compact or fall on the floor when shuffled.

Thou shall trust the Universe but not mess with it!

Create and Enjoy a gorgeous week-end,

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