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MY FRENCH SHUI CAFÉ BLOG ARCHIVES: 07/28/2009 How to (not) meditate!

How to (not) meditate!
For years I have been asked by clients and friends “how to meditate”, "what is the right way” to meditate… People are often afraid of “not being able to meditate”. Afraid of failing!
Following the input of my tweemi (twitter + ami/friend) and Yoga teacher Matt, I decided to give you some guidelines. It has been awfully difficult to make this video, I did several takes and I was laughing, looking for my words. Then I took a break and changed my perspective (Perrie, don’t you love that?!) and everything flowed perfectly!
Now, let’s make a few things clear:
First, as you may have noticed, I am a city girl, energetic, multitasking, not exactly the “quite mind” type. So if you think meditation is a weird practice that you have a hard time to simply apprehend, I hear you! It is! But it is incredibly rewarding once you begin.
Then, and before some hardcore purists throw more stones at me, I know that having a background music or a guided visualization is not the ultimate way to meditate. But how do you want to win the Tour de France if you don’t even know how to pedal? Hum? Merci!
Finally, this post is my take on the subject. I would be happy to hear yours. Comment! This place is called French Shui Café for a reason: it is all about sitting around a virtual table together and sharing about life.
Meditation, like Yoga, is not a competition. The truth is in the alignment and the unity.
Be good and don’t behave,
How (not) to meditate!

Your Comments:

7/28/2009 8:21 PM Elisabeth wrote:
I marvel at this!
Merci mille fois for sharing this great, reassuring instruction in such a stylish way.
But what am I thinking? That's why we call you La Belle Catherine!

8/12/2009 12:04 PM Andy Stock wrote:
Hi again Cat, I was just cut off from leaving you a message, but here goes.

Thanks for your comments on meditation,
its hard to define. I believe that
is a good plave to visit on the subject.
Hope to see you sometime. Andy

8/12/2009 1:00 PM French Shui Cafe I Cat Grison wrote:
Bonjour Andy!
Thank you for sharing! I think your cute retreat in Mexico would be the perfect place to meditate... 

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