Monday, July 16, 2012

Back to Blogging...


Several years have passed since I posted for the last time, on French Shui Café. At that time I was extremely active on Twitter (I was literally sleep-tweeting!) and one of the first ones to have a vlog instead of a classic blog. 

In December 2009, after I finished reformatting my video-collage Pépé's Story with the incredible help of my friend Mikee, I suddenly stepped back and reconsidered. I had given some practical Feng Shui, interior decoration and personal development advice. I supported community, fought racism and fear, raised awareness on simple poverty and health issues, and I finally was giving a perspective on death, recycling and reincarnation! I felt like I had said it all. 

What also happened is that I was concerned about getting too personal in my videos. It is pretty well known that with me, WYSIWYG. I did not want my life or the life of my close ones exposed on internet... Plus, GoDaddy, my blog host,  was such a nightmare to manage and it destroyed so many of my posts, I was getting technically very frustrated. I cannot even access most of my former blog anymore: let me tell you, this is not Feng Shui! Oh la la...

Despite my followers asking me when I would post again, I actually quit my Twitter addiction then and kept quiet on public social media, moving slowly to Facebook and my (I wish!) personal page. One cycle was over.

A few years and more life experiences after, I grew my Facebook business & community page, and encouraged by my fans and my clients, I am back with a new blog, on Blogger as recommended by my friend Lauren Smith who I met... on Twitter back in the days! I am pretty sure I will keep the vlog format as my business is called Your French Accent for a good reason.

Now only one question remains: what will I talk about? You've got open mic' with the comments: I cannot wait to read your suggestions! 

Be good and never behave, 
From San Francisco, with love...

Your French Shui Cat


  1. I look forward to hearing whatever you decide to talk about. I'm not picky.

    1. Not picky? Hummmm not sure about that! ;-) Glad to see you here.

    2. Well, I'm not picky about certain things and much too picky about most.

  2. Hi!

    Sorry but I have to agree with Toni, you talk about what you want us to know/be aware of, we will then respond and you will probably find things to post about in our comments.

  3. Why is social networking so addictive?

    1. Ahahahahahahaha Mamma Rose that's a good question!!!

  4. Why is social networking so addictive? I would love to hear why you use Feng Shui in your life?

  5. Merci Rose, excellent topics. I will give you my perspective on that soon.